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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss
From the sublime to the ridiculous
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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

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The jobs listed
below were located either through the Internet, or else found in the classified sections in various Newspapers and Magazines. Jobs are either linked through to a webpage, or else require you to email them.

We now try to refresh this jobs page weekly (yup it's no longer listed in metric fortnight chunks, due to the arrival of the Euro) so it should come out every Wednesday morning. Jobs past their 'sell-by-date', are also archived- so that future generations can look back in wonder to the days when as long as you could spell contaminted land you could pick up a job.

Why the change ? - well the old format was getting unwieldy, and now that Mugabe has won his elections (E ba gum it were close!), we felt it was time for a new jobs-pageto be tough on re-education, tough on the causes of re-education(although gay old Labour - oops that should read "gay new labour" - has found that a vazectomy, just like cabinet reshuffle, can be painful, still it Byers time with the voters). But, as both Tony Blair and John Major know it is always difficult to get rid of old buddies, so do let us know if you think that Neil Vaz / Keith Hamilton should be reinstated?

Well well, as Harold Wilson said a week in politics is a long time, and we have just had a couple of requests to go back to the old way of doing things. So rather than sending the jobs listing off for 'Re-education and Self-criticism' we decided to do a plain old-fashioned 'fudge' and are going to chuck the whole lot in together and hope that in the rash of 'Henmania' no one will notice until 'the good Goran' has aced his second serve !

So what does this mean, well we shall email out last weeks jobs every Wednesday in table format (so that you can scan them quickly and surreptitiously just in case you boss suddenly wants to look at that spreadsheet you are working on!).

If you want the full slug of listings (going back a month or so) they are listed in the list below (oh oh, I think I've a bit of got the curse of the recursive classes here), on a separate page so as not to make it too unwieldy.


From the sublime to the ridiculous


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In the previous millennium we tried to refresh our listings on the 5th, 15th and 25th of the month. However, as the world has moved on a bit since then (and the volume of jobs has increased) we now list on a weekly basis.

Our current jobs listing contains environmental job listings gleaned from the Web (EBM, Edie, ENDS, Careers in Construction erc), and from various publications (Economist, New Scientist, Guardian, Times, Telegraph, various GIS publications etc).

Unfortunately some of the links to these jobs do not go straight to a webpage with full details of the the actual job listed. To get round this somewhat major irritation we have put in a link with email details, (which are in italics to warn you) in advance. The jobs we list do try to include the word environmental somewhere in the job description, however be warned that they sometimes do include ones that are:-

  • sublime:- Nature Reserve Manager, Royal Society for Nature Conservation, Seychelles,10 500-11 000
    The job description states - Work on this exceptional tropical nature reserve with millions of turtles, seabirds, endemics and a coral reef. Please note that the island is not suitable for children. (is that because of the endemics?)
  • ridiculous:- Flushing Chemical Cleaning + Chlorination Engineer, International Personnel Solutions, Berkshire
    The job description states - The role involves travel to many sites around the UK, a vehicle will be provided. This is a labourers position. (does this mean they are looking for a Bog Attendant?)

Anyway, enough of this execrable latrinal humour, the listings are 'purged' at the end of the month, and job offers that are no longer valid are 'flushed out' of our 'cistern', oops sorry system...

This means that there may be some 'backlog' of time-expired jobs awaiting 'peristalsis' by the third listing at the end of the month. If you find that this worries you, just think of it like the Human Genome - lots of spare genes floating around that once were useful (such as the gene that helped Neanderthal man avoid sabre tooth tigers)

If you would like us to include in our listings, a job vacancy that you have, there is no charge, just fill out the
submit a job vacancy form. But do remember that you will need to include your email address for us to verify that the job offered is legit!

Equally if you haven't found the perfect job and want to post up your CV on the website, just fill out the host a one page CV form.


EBM and the Metric Fortnight

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This jobs listing was initially based on a service from Environment Business Magazine (EBM) called
'JobLink', - which lists nearly a dozen categories of environmental vacancies currently advertised in the UK. The Joblink listing is updated twice a week.

EBM kindly gave us permission to reformat and summarise the vacancies in order to give a 'snap-shot' rolling 10 day summary of their listings.

Loyal readers will know that in the twilight of the 20th Century we used to list the Environment Business Magazine job summaries a metric fortnight in arrears - but the EEC have still not decided what exactly a metric fortnight is (yes we thought it was 10 days as well !)

After taking legal advice from that nice Mr Wolf T Flywheel (of 'Sue Grabbit and Runne' - purveyors of exceedingly good writs) it was decided that in order to avoid the Commission taking out even more revenge on the British Beef Farmers (fancy 50 years after the event, they are still mad about the fact it was British Bully Beef that fed the victorious Tommies !) we would list the jobs as they appeared.


Jobs sent to you by Email

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If you wish to have the Up-to-date Current Week's jobs summary (leaving those beurocrats in Brussels to wrestle with the concept of a metric fortnight) you can have them sent to you as an email in the early part of the week, (i.e. as they come in hot off the Internet, and have been cleaned of unwholesome spam)

This way you can pretend to be reading 'mission critical' email - useful if your boss is spying on you to make sure you don't access the Web in company time to look for a new job !

send me the Employer job listings by email

(B) send me the Location job listings by email

(C) send me the Title job listings by email

The raw lists are available on the EBM site at both in 'Framed' and 'Unframed' format.

Access to the EBM website (which depending on its mood, either sometimes accepts frame challenged browsers, or else just looks blank!) is completely free, with no need to try and remember your password (written with Tippex on the back of your sister's hampster - which you 'accidentally' let the next door's dachshund get friendly with, before you learned that they are used in Kazakhstan to hunt badgers !).

Anyway how else are you going to get away with the 'rodent' being labelled 'Swordfish' unless you tell her, that under the terms of the 1992 Protection of Badgers Act, the presence of a Badger Sett can result in considerable construction delays! So then the 64 euro question is 'When is a Badger Sett not a Badger Sett' and the answer of course is 'when its a Marmo Sett'



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> Where am I? >

Edie hosts a online environmental job centre where anyone can post jobs wanted and jobs offered adverts free of charge. You can also search through current vacancies and jobseekers, by country and/or industry sector.

There is also a free jobfinder service, which performs an automatic search every day, sending out free email alerts of any suitable matches found.

The bad news is that it uses frames, and you may need to get Ali G round to rescue tha hampsta !



ENDS also do a jobs listing, but you once again need to use your hampster. However the ENDS site is easy-going and happily accepts non-framed browsers (which is very good news in this 'java-shocked' world we live in).

It also has none of the 'heavy parent' dress-code attitude of some websites that tell you to 'sod-off' and get yourself a haircut / tie / version 4 browser before they will let you flash through their hallowed portal.


Recruitment Agencies




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  1. Society of Chemical Industry

  2. London
    Contact:- Paul Deards
    Tel (020) 7235 3681 extension 233

  3. ADC Environment

  4. Basildon
    Tel (01268) 468 000

  5. Allen + York

  6. 4 Eastbrook House
    East Street, Wimborne
    Dorset BH21 1DX
    Tel (01202) 888 986
    Fax [01202 888 826]

  7. B.B.T. Environmental

  8. 14 Buckingham Palace Rd
    London, SW1 0QP
    Tel (020) 7828 1555
    Fax [020) 7828 1941]

  9. Chase Recruitment

  10. Tricorn House, 51-53 Hagley Road
    Edgbaston, B16 8TP
    Tel (0121) 246 6000
    Fax [ 0121 246 6001]

  11. Chase Moulande

  12. London
    Tel (020) 7940 4808
    Fax [ 020 7357 6969]

  13. DATS Scientific Recruitment

  14. 114 Bridge Street
    Warrington, WA1 2RU
    Tel (01925) 573 336

  15. Earthworks

  16. Cambridge
    Tel (01223) 324 344

  17. Eden Recruitment Ltd

  18. PO Box 19377
    London, W4 3FV
    Tel (020) 8742 8696
    Fax [ 020 8742 2324]

  19. Equate Human Resourcing

  20. Sheffield
    Tel (0114) 229 7018

  21. Euro Elite Consultants

  22. London
    Tel (020) 7240 4440
    Fax [020) 7379 7208]

  23. Evergreen Resources

  24. The Barn, Bartons Lane
    Old Basing, Basingstoke
    Hampshire, RG24 8AE
    Tel (01256) 314 620
    Fax [01256 314 629]

  25. ERS Environmental

  26. Ambassador House
    575-599 Maxted Road
    Hemel Hempstead
    Hertfordshire, HP2 7DX
    Tel (01442) 231 691
    Fax [01442 217 851]

  27. Peter Glaser + Associates

  28. PO Box 55,
    Bodmin, PL30 4YH
    Tel (07071) 221 155
    Fax [07071 221 166]

  29. Hudson - Schribman Scientific Recruitment

  30. 35 Silver Street,
    Buckden, CambridgeshirePE19 5TS
    Tel (0140) 812 777

  31. Index Environmental

  32. 182 - 184 Fleet Road,
    Hampshire, GU13 8DA
    Tel (01252) 811 333
    Fax [01252 810 700]

  33. International Personnel Solutions

  34. Home Farm
    Iwerne Minster
    Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8LT
    Tel (01747) 812 295

  35. Jared Geotechnics

  36. Jaeger House
    5 Clanricarde Gardens
    Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 1PE
    Tel (01892) 538 555
    Fax [01892 538 666]

  37. Labsupport UK

  38. Tel (01753) 705 135

  39. Lawson Search Associates Ltd

  40. 30/32 Courtenay Street,
    Newton Abbot,
    Devon, TQ122TA
    Tel (01626) 367 333
    Fax [01626 335 584]

  41. Multec

  42. 50-54 St Paul's Sq,
    Birmingham B3 1QS
    Tel (0121) 693 3540
    Fax [0121 693 2167]

  43. Open Spaces

  44. Tel (01252) 330 055
    Fax [8704 583 637]

  45. Sentinel Engineering

  46. 46 Newton Road
    Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RU
    Tel (01892) 513 400
    Fax [01892 618 558]

  47. SRG Labstaff

  48. Beaconsfield Court
    Hatfield, AL10 8YE
    Tel (01707) 222 228

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